Size Guide

Ring Size Guide


At Marina Yglesias, we like to think we do everything possible to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

And in jewelry, knowing your right finger size is the first step. We offer ring sizes ranging from 5 to 8 and recommend you confirm your

finger size before ordering. To discover your finger size, you can use our handy ruler and ring size chart guide (see below) or visit your trusted local jeweler.

We are always happy to accomodate special requestions for more unusual sizes.

Although our ring sizes follow the Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart, each Marina Yglesias ring is handcrafted by talented artisans.

They are highly experienced and do their utmost to be measure accurately but, on occasion, there may be very slight variations in sizing.

Our most popular ring sizes are sizes 4 and 5 for pinky finger rings and ring size 6 to 7.5 in the case of rings made for the ring finger.

When ordering rings, please ensure you have ordered the correct size.

If, for any reason, your ring is not the correct size, do please contact us and we will help you find a solution.


Measure an Existing Piece

Inside Diameter (mm)

Ring Size – US/Canada Chart

14,86 4
15,27 4,5
15,70 5
16,10 5,5
16,50 6
16,92 6,5
17,35 7
17,75 7,5
18,19 8
18,53 8,5
18,89 9
19,41 9,5
19,84 10
20,20 10,5
20,68 11
21,08 11,5