Social Sustainability

More than a buzzword, Marina Yglesias’ life-changing travels in India showed her how a truly sustainable brand could help improve the lives of women in the communities with which the brand is involved.

Marina Yglesias Jewelry is proud to partner with an incredibly dedicated NGO in India called Urmul Seemant Samiti, by supporting its innovative women-empowering project Bead Ball Project.

The Bead Ball Project is a perfect example: many of the village women are already skilled in their local arts and crafts, especially as regards jewelry and embroidery. Urmul provides them with the necessary materials and products and further training to improve on their craftsmanship, generating some much-needed income for their families.

Urmul firmly believes that true social sustainability is achieved by grass roots projects, that preserve and build on the traditional livelihood of the Thar Desert communities.

Crucially, Urmul opens up platforms and channels through which they can sell their products – be it a large order from an international fashion brand; a stall in their local market; or by taking part in the Urmul Desert Crafts initiatives.

Through initiatives such as the Bead Ball Project, Urmul not only preserves, but also develops the traditional livelihood of the desert communities. With constant motivation, support and partnerships with brands such as Marina Yglesias Jewelry, Urmul works with women in these communities to build a sustainable mode of living, that is both self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Marina Yglesias Jewelry supports Urmul NGO in several ways, including donating 5% of the company’s profits to this worthwhile cause.

So, every time you buy Marina Yglesias Jewelry, you are directly improving the life of another woman, just like yourself, on the other side of the world. We’re women – socially sustaining each other.

We Empower Women – With Women

Marina Yglesias Jewelry had to have sustainability at its core. And we decided to make it from Women, to Women. We indulge our love for beautiful craftsmanship and, in doing so, we contribute in a meaningful way to improving other women’s lives. Jewelry can – and should be – a powerful force for good.

The way ahead keeps being clear: empowering women through education and training, in their local communities. Urmul’s Bead Ball Project, is perfect: it preserves and develops traditional jewelry and embroidery craftsmanship skills and culture, among women in the Thar desert communities, enabling them to dramatically improving their lives.
We believe that, just like Marina Yglesias, one day these women will make their own dreams come true. And we are sure that one day we will be making special jewelry with this women, and thus completing a circle of cooperation.